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has been open for 16 years now. Ken has been ask many times during those years this question, "How did you first get into antiques?"

In the early 1970's Ken inherited his Grandfather's collection of National Geographic magazines. Unfortunately, they sat for ten years without a thought from Ken. The good news is that Ken became excited about his collection and in finishing it for his grandfather. He began by visiting garage sales and estate sales. He immediately found that the things he saw reminded him of his grandparents and great grandparents. The passion was born. Reasonably priced items and a desire to treasure the memories of his past combined into a delightful and exciting adventure. Ken became an antiques collector.

Ken soon filled his house with antiques and decided to rent a storage shed. In no time at all, the storage shed was filled from floor to ceiling. At this point Ken needed to figure out why he was collecting all these things and what to do with them all. He opened a booth in an antiques shop and began his business. Soon the opportunity came for a building of his own. Ken jumped at the chance and has been there for thirteen years running.

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